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No doubt about it – falafel, a staple throughout the Middle East, is quickly making its way onto menus in restaurants across the country. Because of its quick cooking time, complex flavors, and nutritional value, falafel is a great item to offer your customers. It’s quick, delicious, healthy, and best of all, very cost effective. Let your cuisine branch out to include falafel – it’s the perfect addition to any menu!


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Fast Food Service

Falafelim has many clients in the smaller food establishment industry. Falafel is traditionally served in a pita with salad and hummus, so it’s the ideal choice for patrons who drop in for a bite on the run.

Family Restaurants

The simple addition of a falafel platter as an appetizer, or a main dish of falafel in a pita, can satisfy the tastebuds of patrons of every age.

Upscale dining

Wow your customers by introducing falafel onto your upscale menu. Falafel is artistic in its simplicity, with a melding of complex flavors and a touch of the exotic. It is sure to delight even the most discerning and experienced palate.

Chain Restaurants

Want to know how to expand the menu in your entire restaurant chain to include health-conscious options while increasing revenue and saving time? Ask us how Falafelim can bring you the results you want. We already count many chain restaurants as happy clients across the country – find out how you can become one today!

Catering and Appetizing Departments

In an age of global diversity, and increasingly more savvy consumers, it’s never been a smarter time to add Falafelim to your deli and appetizing counters. Falafelim gives you the option of widening your repertoire – from a simple takeout supper, to any and every event you cater.

Grocery Stores / Supermarkets

With the busy lifestyles of today’s families, it’s a great time to have Falafelim in your freezer section. Aside from having a long shelf life and being quick and easy to prepare, Falafelim is a healthy alternative to many frozen foods, and offers a welcome change from the regular supper routine.

Schools & Universities

Students will have a hard time complaining once the cafeteria offers Falafelim! Kids and college students alike will enjoy the crispy crunch of freshly prepared falafel - but what they don’t know is that it’s nutritious. Budgetary concerns are a non-issue, too; Falafelim are highly cost effective to include on the school lunch menu. And because we’re vegan, students with food allergies are more likely to be able to enjoy a school lunch with friends.