• testimonials
  • Kona Kafe 03.10.2013

    Wow, these are so much better than the frozen ones we have been buying. We will definitely be switching to these!

  • Lebanese Bakery, Boston 15.01.2014

    I did not think that I would like these, but these falafels are actually suprisingly great. Not good, but great!

  • Three Star Market 15.01.2014

    Your falafels are excellent! They have a nice texture and have a good flavor. They will be easy to fry.


  • Sultan’s Market 15.01.2014

    This falafel mix has an excellent flavor!

  • Pizza Box 15.01.2014

    Since we don’t have a fryer, I really like that your falafels can also be baked. Great product!

  • Y., Falafelim customer 15.01.2014

    For a store bought falafel, these are really good – like my mother used to make!